Wrex Racing - King Of Britain 2018

WREX RACING - King Of Britain 2018

We knew from the get-go that the race weekend was going to be a tough one with the format being split up in to 1.5 hour sessions, with a 1.5 hour break in- between sessions.  

On the prologue we wanted to race relatively hard but bring the car home in one piece. We decided a slightly different route across the rougher ground which ultimately cost us a bit of extra time but we still finished second in class with just 0.13 of a second between us and first place Mark Dean.

Session 1 kicked off on Saturday and as we were starting on the second row of the EMC grid, the aim was to get the laps in and keep it clean. We finished second in the session with no dramas to talk of and with 6 laps under our belt.

Session 2 was once again about getting the laps in and keeping it clean. We kept in clean air with a safe gap to the lead car just in case we had a chance to go for the pass and not loose out on time over the duration of the session.

Session 3 we lined up and sat at a steady pace just clicking through the kms as required and trying to keep in clean air to save man and machine for the following race day.

Over night we made a team decision to change the car spec, pulling the winches off, losing Nick Bolt in the co-driver seat and dropping the passenger seat because it was now time to go hunting. On the first lap Dan upped the pace and managed to take the lead on the first lap and pull a 1.30 min gap on second place, straight in to the rocks and as entering the rocks unluckily got a flat passenger side front tyre, so limped back to to the live pit for a ultra quick wheel change by the crew and back out on course. He went pushing hard to gain up the lost time of the pit stop, then disaster struck again and one of the rear axle end 4 link brackets broke away from the axle, so had to pull off the course and wait until the end of the session to get the car back to the pits. At this point we thought it was game over and beyond repair As always the team formed a plan and set to it, with a welder from Team Syncro, massive thanks to them, it wouldn't of been possible with out the use of it, a generator from Danny Roderick and Mike Whites crews, metal from KORC's John Stones, another generator and use of a press from TC racing and all the hands of the Wrex Racing Family they set about to the repair with Nick welding, Skins and Darren disassembling parts as required and refitting.... an hour or so late we missed the start of our second heat but with 20 mins left we got the car back on track and Dan stuck in a fully committed 1 lap to get the lap count back up.

Session 3 was all or nothing for us, being 2 laps down on second place, and 5 on first, we had secured third in class but we were not going to sit back and not try and gain another position. Dan set off in 6th place and the dust was thick. By the end of the 1st lap Dan had moved through the field in to 2nd position and had some clean air and about 3/4 of a lap to find before he good even try and make a move on second place but still had to find 2 more laps on second place Chris Roberts. Dan laid down the lap times, consistent as the dust allowed, each lap roughly 15 seconds within each time. Even with a 13.08 lap time with heavy traffic. On lap 3 he made the ground and made a tricky committed pass on the WSR rock section bouncing down the rough line passed Chris Roberts. The radio message Dan had been waiting for came across HAMMER TIME From Nick Bolt who was now spotting on course for Dan. Fully committed Dan now Caught the back of the lead car on the Main Rock section and went in to the rocks as hard as he could without caution and cleared them. Back on the Power all the way to the finish the Lead car peeled off course and now Dan had the session Lead laying down one more hot lap. Coming home with an extra lap on the field. The Race Hero Timing App giving Dan the Treble of 'Hard Charger', 'Quickest Lap' and 'Session Winner'. The Wrex Family as ever never gave up and almost pulled off a great come back. Gaining an extra lap helped but we were still 1 lap shy of matching second place. In total we Completed 25 laps and with the breakages we missed out on what should of been 6 laps but that's racing and as ever we will come back stronger.