Wrex Racing now offer corner and vehicle weighing.


We are using Intercomp motorsport corner scales and have the facilities to work out corner weights, total weights and percentages, wedge and point of centre of gravity.

With the 4×4 competition scene moving towards faster and harder terrain having your suspension setup correctly is a must.  Knowing the weights of your vehicle is the only way you can do this.

Corner balancing is one of the best things you can do to improve the handling characteristics of your street car, track car, or race car that is equipped with a coil over suspension. In fact, the only true way to set up your coil-over suspension is to have your car corner balanced. Sure, you can get the suspension settings “close” without corner balancing, but what’s the point of having a fully-adjustable suspension if you’re just going to get it “close” or “eyeball” the settings?”Wrex Racing LS Truck

Once we know the vehicle weights we can work with you or you can leave it with us to set the rest of the suspension up.  With our direct links to shock manufacturers and engineers we have a wealth of resources to help us with this process.  If the correct spring ratings are not available, we can arrange for a bespoke coil spring to be made.

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