Camper Van and Motor Home Storage

Prices for vehicles start at £125+ VAT for smaller size Vehicles.  Please contact us to discuss your exact vehicle size and price
Camper Van and Motor Home

  • All internal black out blinds / curtains to be closed.
  • All gas bottles and gas systems to be isolated at the tank / bottle
  • All electrical systems, heating and fridges to be turned off in the vehicle.  12 volt control panels to be turned off.
  • All waste tanks to be emptied prior to storage
  • All water tanks to be emptied, highly recommended to leave all the taps open to release pressure from the water system.
  • All living compartment doors, storage lockers etc.. to be locked and keys to be kept by owner.  We only need the Key / Fob to be able to access the cab compartment for moving the vehicle.
  • Walk round inspection.
Additions for Camper Vans and Motor Homes
  • Battery Charger, Conditioner and Maintainer - Battery of vehicle connected to a NOCO Genius fully-automatic smart charger.  So the battery of the vehicle is conditioned and ready to go when the vehicle is required - £10 + vat per month additional cost.
Vehicle Pre Storage Checks
  • Prior to the vehicle being tucked away all levels will be checked and reported back / noted.  Topped up if agree'd.
  • Tyre pressures increased if known to being stored for a long period of time with out being driven, to prevent tyre damage.
  • Vehicle walk round and inspection.
Vehicle Collection
  • Collection - A minimum of 2 working days notice for collection notice must be given and Included in the monthly charge is one collection and return drop off (excluding the initial drop off) - per calendar month, this does not roll over.  If the vehicle is going to be used frequently or additional hand overs required per month please discuss additional pricing with us.
  • Vehicles will not be released if there is outstanding payments due on the vehicle.
  • Vehicle drop off - Vehicles can be dropped off and the keys deposited any day or any time with short notice at work shop facility in Steventon and the keys deposited there and we will then transfer your vehicle for storage, if this is within the allowance of the monthly collection / return allocation this is Free of charge.
  • Payment to be made per vehicle 1 month in advance.  Payment for first month to be made on or prior to delivery via bank transfer or card payment.  Payments from then onwards to be made by standing order on the 27th of the month in advanced.
  • Vehicles will not be released with outstanding payment, this is why payments due month in advance.
  • All fee's exclude VAT and full VAT invoice will be provided automatically each month.
  • You are renting a storage space for your vehicle in the storage facility and any additional equipment so it is awaiting the return of the vehicle, so it is a monthly payment if the vehicle has been released for a day or a full month with the knowledge your space is awaiting the return of your vehicle.